Galleri Rasch 
6 – 27 July 2019


Kirsten Reynolds setting up Dark Ages exhibition

Dark Ages is a solo exhibition showing a series of nocturnal light drawings made on the Danish island of Bornholm alongside further works made in New Zealand, Bulgaria, the UK, and Zanzibar. A parallel series of works combining paint and light drawing will also be on show.

THE PERSISTENCE OF TIME IV, 2017, Bornholm, Denmark
SURFACE TENSIONS I, 2017, Bornholm, Denmark

‘Two years ago I visited the Danish island of Bornholm and made a series of nocturnal light drawings in the landscape along the beautiful and varied coastline. I have been making these long exposure photographs for many years having first started experimenting with the technique as a teenager using black and white film. There is something fascinating about making a photograph over a relatively long time – each exposure takes anything from twenty seconds to two minutes. Whereas a photograph usually represents a frozen moment of time these images are built gradually with the movement of light more as a painting in created from layers of paint. I am physically present within the frame, drawing with handheld lights, although I am not visible as I am not illuminated and am not still for long enough. The resultant images represent a reality, although a reality that would not have been visible to any witness present.’

Kirsten Reynolds, 2019

SURFACE TENSIONS X, 2017, Bornholm, Denmark